13 September 2009


besok tanggal brp????empat belas.
oeya masa gue kalo inget lo,gue baca lirik ini pas yang gue minta break itu.
inget ga sih pas break lo ngasih lirik ini ke gue?

so now we're waving goodbyes from the rocket window
and i faced as i lay,just so you know
may i close my eyes and take a bow?
just so you know you have to glow
running scared,please save me now
i'll love you for what you are
i'm tired of passing times
tonight i'll send you a message
i'll remind you as my very best
tonight i'll tell you my problems and solveness problems
send me back from solitude
whenever you want please call me back
lets talk about our past lives,just to recognize
all the circles of live is turning into squares
Do me a favour to make this loneliness to be a love you did it again
i kow you are the one who could be my lovely one
i promise you too not love another girl,and you too as blink says
another girl,another planet
and this time i know you're my lovely girl and you'll be my best planet

sedih kalo baca lirik itu ahuaha gatau kenapa yaudah intinya thanks bgt ya tapi maaf buat sekarang gue gabisa move on mungkin nanti atau kapan gue gaktau hmmh..........................there's something i want to tell you,that i always want to be near you.i always do care for you even the world knows i will never have you again.just dont forget there's only one person always love to fall for you.i miss your laughs and cool stories...hahaha eu te amo yecha ;_;